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 I don't really understand what all this LJ/Facebook stuff is, but I won't be linking my LJ to my Facebook, so nobody has to worry about my comments showing up there, or anything. I would never share ANYTHING from ANYONE'S  journal.

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Nor I. I think Facebook is the DEVIL.

Oh, hey, you were 1,000,000% right about Scott Pilgrim. Great, great movie.
Almost as good as Machete! :D

I keep hearing Machete was good, but I was afraid it would be too violent for me. I'm still considering seeing it, though.

Yeah, I'm wishing I didn't make a facebook account. Some people just keep writing the dumbest things on there, and it's making me hate people I used to like.

Thank you. I won't do that, either.

Yeah, I opted out when I had the time to read what it was about... The people who were requesting it back are probably people or communities that are trying to get more readers. Just posting stuff all at once is handy, if that's what you're looking for.

>_< I just think it's a terrible idea. I'm fearing the day when my facebook feed is just cluttered with stuff people are doing online. I already have a friend who added her four square to facebook, so everyone can know where she is all the time, even if it's just home. That's the kind of thing that makes me just want to delete my facebook all together.


Every site on the Internet wants a piece of the Facebook pie... They're selling themselves out just for the chance they can catch somebody's eye while they're doing other things on Facebook. As far as I can see, it's only going to get worse. Like every single site is trying to push Facebook connectivity on users, whether it's necessary or not.

Well, FB as a whole is unnecessary, but its success causes others to try and either ride its coattails or outright copy it.

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