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The State
Oh, Family Guy, what is going on with you these days? Seriously, WTF? This show has just gotten unbelievably lazy. There was actually a time when I enjoyed this show, but those days look long gone. Remember when Stewie was actually evil, and funny, and they didn't just use him as a vehicle to use gay stereotypes for cheap laughs? Remember? And sometimes they'll have moments like this:

I liked this scene, because Brian has gotten especially insufferable in recent seasons. But it's not enough. Either get your shit together, Family guy, or GET THE FUCK OFF MY TV! Don't tease me with one good scene it the middle of your little turd circus!

Scenes like this make me scared that there's some poor writer trapped in there who's actually kinda talented, who thinks maybe he can try and save this horrible, horrible show. But when he shows the scenes to Seth MacFarlane for approval, he rips it up and throws it in his face and yells at him because it's not mysoginistic enough, or because it's not about poop, or because MacFarlane doesn't get to sing in it. (Seriously, though. Why is Seth MacFarlane always singing these days. It's so fucking obnoxious, he's not even that good! I think he really fucking thinks he's Frank Sinatra or something. I'd really like to punch that ass-hat in his obnoxious, squinty face.)

Also, has anyone seen Sons of Tuscon? If you have, could you please tell them that Malcom in the Middle has already been made? Thanks.

I fucking hate Fox's sunday night shows.

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Also, has anyone seen Sons of Tuscon? If you have, could you please tell them that Malcom in the Middle has already been made? Thanks.


God, i thought i was the only one who noticed.

That was funny!
But Family Guy usually isn't funny, never really has been apart from the occasional early Stewie and Brian episodes.

And don't get me started on American Dad!

I heard that Sons of Tuscon is cancelled, so whew.

I actually just saw Sons of Tuscon last night and yeah...

I don't like when people say The Simpsons has gotten worse. It's like LOOK AT FAMILY GUY.

Oh and that scene with Quagmire is such win.
You're a bore.

i think the simpsons has been pretty good lately.
i never really watched family guy that much.
i saw a couple episodes and it just got old really fast.

The Simpsons is definitely the funniest show in the Sunday night line-up. But DAAAAAMN, do I miss 90's Simpsons!!! I don't even know what it was about those seasons, but it just worked. Oh, and of course they had the episode where homer becomes morbidly obese! CLASSIC!

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